Born in Cannes in 1953, Cécile DEREZ has been painting from the childhood. So, when she was 6 years old, her drawings were exhibited in the main street of Cannes, Antibes street.

Graduated  from the renowned school ENSAD (National High School of Decorative Arts, France, Nice, Villa Arson) departement of communication & architecture.
Professional artist since 1977.

Has a lot of collectors all around the world.
Has got an international fame and has been often mentionned in the press such as « Coté Sud » magasine.

Colourist sensitiviteness, emotion and imagination painter, her canvas are strongly composed and give  way to travel into  space and time through a mixed media with different materials such as collages crumbled paper and sandblasting acrylic painting.

« Before being an artist, a creator has to be a craftman » Derez.
Building layer upon layer, veil over veil , Derez manipulates colors to achieve organisation, balance, depth, movement, and emotion.
A new figuration with a trend towards Constructivism and Cubism,also sensitive Expressionism, plenty of poetry.

Derez’s early influences include Picasso, Matisse, Coignard as well as expressionism, art brut.

« I try to create an image within an image. It’s the double image, the beyond of the image, which I present to you, to see and dream.I don’t make the difference between figurative and abstract art. »

A very rounded painting where pattern and materials predominate.
Her favorite motifs are Figures, Portraits, Still-lifes and Landscapes of imagination.

« Every new painting must be new subjects, otherwise I’m bored.
I try to find the most spontaneous lane in my work. And so, I acknowledge it’s the best way to let the reader free

She lives and works in Provence : « I’m more and more involved in my work, it’s a way to breath oxygen, a way to love the human being. »
Actually, since 2007, her work is mainly exhibited in her own art-studio in Fayence village , located in Provence, France.


Main Exhibitions

Silk and paper painting work, childhood drawings illustration.
Cécileddy gallery - Fayence village.
Paschos gallery - Fréjus.
Work with material clay, « stèles » and plaques.
Ducastel gallery (permanently exhibited) - Avignon.
La Dame à la Licorne - Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
Permanent exhibitions in :
  • Ducastel gallery - Avignon.
  • Paschos gallery - Fréjus.
  • Equinoxe gallery - Gréoux-les-bains.
  • Massane gallery - Montpellier.
  • 52 gallery - Vallauris.
  • Art Seiller gallery - Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
  • Carmen Heritier gallery - Mirmande - Drôme.
  • La palette d’or gallery - Strasbourg.
  • Houzelot gallery, Honfleur.
Espace du Lys gallery - Nîmes.
  • Paschos gallery - Grimaud Village / Saint-Tropez.
  • Eden gallery - Jérusalem - Israël.
Collective exhibition in Le Mas d’Artigny, St-Paul-de-Vence.
Derez Art-Studio Gallery opening in Fayence village.
Ducastel gallery - Avignon.
  • La Palette d’Or » gallery - Strasbourg.
  • Les Tuiliers gallery - Lyon.
  • Oocker gallery - Nederlands
  • DLM gallery - Monaco
  • Gallery Du Vieux Saint-Paul, Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
  • Paschos gallery - Grimaud Village / Saint-Tropez.
Intemporelle gallery.
Since 2008
She mainly works in her own art-studio in Fayence village.
Since 2011
  • Galerie des Lombards - Mougins Village (permanent exhibition)
  • Galerie Saltiel - Le Castellet (permanent exhibition)
  • 2012 Galerie les lombards
  • 2012 Galerie "Saltiel' Le Castellet 83
  • 2013 Galerie "Les Lombards"
  • 2014 Chateau Romassan Le Castellet 83
  • 2015 7eme Salon international d'art Hyéres 83
  • 2016 8 éme Salon d'Art contemporain Toulouse
  • 2017 Carré d'artistes Cologne Allemagne
  • 2019 Carré d'artistes Aix en Provence 13
  • 2019 Création Atelier-Expo en Dracénie 83
  • 2019 Chateau Roubine Lorgues 83
  • 2019 Chateau de Castellaras Mouans-Sartoux 06
  • 2020 SIAC Marseille
  • 2020 SANARY Mairie